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Plant staff at the Ameren Energy Resources E D Edwards power station in Illinois organized and sponsored this card. Printed Aug 2011.
This is the second version of the Winchester Power Project card sponsored by Lower Colorado River Authority. It has a different picture and several slight text modifications. Printed Jul 2011.
Rush Island plant management sponsored this card which highlights operational performance for their station. These are sister units to Labadie 3&4 (see below). Both plants are owned by Ameren. Printed Jun 2010 and reprinted with text updates Mar 2012.
Salt River Project plant management ordered this card for their innovative combined-cycle in Arizona. Printed Aug 2008.

First printed as part of a ten-card set published for Lower Colorado River Authority in Nov 2002. Reprinted with several updates in Aug 2008. Also see LCRA note below.

Dynegy Independence ordered a card for their large CCGT power plant in upstate New York. Printed Sep 2007.

We Energies ordered a card for their Byron Wind Plant.  This highlights  technical and operational characteristics of the wind turbines.  Printed Apr 2004.

These two cards are part of a ten-card set ordered by Lower Colorado River Authority and printed in Nov 2002.  The original Fayette card was reprinted by plant management in Mar 2004, Jun 2006, and Sep 2007 while the Ferguson card was reprinted in Jul 2005. A new Fayette card was created in Apr 2010 when LCRA ordered a reprint of their entire run plus four new cards, 14 cards in total.

Management at Gerald Gentleman Station, owned by Nebraska Public Power District, ordered a card for their plant. Printed Nov 2002.

Montenay Energy, a large operator of waste-to-energy plants, ordered a card for their facility in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Printed Nov 2002.

Lansing Board of Water and Light, the municipal utility in Lansing, Michigan, ordered cards for their two coal-fired electric power plants.  Printed Nov 2002.

Cielo Wind Power and Renewable Energy Ltd ordered a reprint of King Mountain with a different picture and some text revisions.  Printed Nov 2002.

A single card was produced for the Mohave power station in Nevada. Printed for Southern California Edison Co in Mar 2002. The plant was closed in Mar 2005 and demolition began in Mar 2011.

Covanta Montgomery Inc reprinted this card for their WTE power plant and used it for distribution at a county fair. Printed Aug 2001.

A single card was made for the Colver power plant in Pennsylvania.  Printed Jun 2001 and reprinted in Mar 2004 and again in Jul 2005.

The Limestone plant in Texas was the second facility featured on a card made for Myplant.com. Printed Apr 2001.

TradeFair Group Ltd ordered a card for their Electric Power 2001 show in Baltimore, Maryland.  Four different power companies supplied photographs for the card front. Printed Jan 2001.

The Labadie card was originally sponsored by Honeywell business unit myplant.com and printed in Oct 2000.  This card was modified and reprinted by plant management in Mar 2002, Mar 2004, and Jul 2006.

Two cards were completed for International Utility Efficiency Partnerships Inc in Washington DC. Both advertise the availability of CO2 emission credits from new power plants in Latin America. Printed Jul 2000.

A single card was completed for Steam Turbine Alternative Resources (STAR), a foundry and machine shop in Marion, Ohio. Printed Jul 2000.


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