Power Plant Trading Cards - Gallery 2

"U.S. Nuclear Plants" includes Columbia in Washington, Prairie Island in Minnesota, Browns Ferry in Alabama, Diablo Canyon in California, and Cooper in Nebraska. Printed Jul 2001.

This sponsored ten-card series features coal-fired generating stations with boilers and other equipment supplied by Japan's Babcock-Hitachi K.K. This set has an error in that the plant depicted on the Stanwell card is actually Tarong.  The card was corrected and reissued along with a correct Tarong card in the Hitachi-2 set. Printed Jul 2001.

The sponsored ten-card "Hitachi-2" series features additional power plants with equipment supplied by Hitachi Ltd. Note: these cards are sold out. Printed Dec 2001.

The "World Wind-1" set features Utgrunden in Sweden, Trent Mesa in the USA, Alaiz in Spain, King Mountain in the USA, and Bears Down in England.  The original King Mountain card was later reprinted at the owner's request (reprint shown) with a different picture and a few text revisions. Printed Dec 2001.

The "Renewable Energy" set features Cuijk in the Netherlands (wood-fired), Darajat in Indonesia (geothermal), Eye in England (poultry litter), Matsukawa in Japan (geothermal), and J C McNeil in the USA (wood and gas). Printed Mar 2002.


"Big Hydro-2" has Cahora Bassa in Mozambique, Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, Tucurui in Para State, Brazil, Inguri in the Republic of Georgia, and Limestone in Manitoba, Canada. Printed Mar 2002.

This set is all sponsored cards and features Mohave in Nevada, Eckert and Erickson in Michigan, the Montgomery County WTE plant in Pennsylvania, and Gerald Gentleman Station in Nebraska. Mohave printed Mar 2002, others printed Nov 2002.

"U.S. Combined-Cycles" includes Ocean State Power in Rhode Island, Sutter in California, Pasco Cogen in Florida, Hay Road in Delaware, and Midland Cogen Venture in Michigan. Printed Nov 2002.


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