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"World Wind-2" includes Baalberge in Germany, Rock River in the USA, Tierras Morenas in Costa Rica, Cark in Ireland, and Bruck an der Leitha in Austria. Printed Nov 2002.

This sponsored ten-card series features steam-electric and hydroelectric plants owned and operated by Lower Colorado River Authority, a large public utility headquartered in Austin, Texas. Printed Nov 2002. Fayette was reprinted in Mar 2004 and Sep 2007 while Ferguson was reprinted in Jul 2005 and Lost Pines was reprinted in Aug 2008. Note: the original LCRA hydro plant cards are sold out.

We Energies sponsored the Byron card for their first wind plant. Printed Mar 2004. The Independence card was printed Sep 2007. The Santan card was printed Aug 2008. Simhadri was printed in Apr 2009 as the prototype for digital card printing.
LCRA reprinted all their cards in Apr 2010. Fayette and Buchanan used new photos. New cards were made for Winchester peakers, LCRA Wind, the Hilbig gas storage plant, and the Smithville Railcar facility. Rush Island was printed in Jun 2010 and reprinted in Mar 2012 with updated text. The Winchester card was reprinted in Jun 2011 with a new photo showing the completed plant plus updated text. The E D Edwards card was printed in Aug 2011.


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