Hydroelectric Plants in Angola & Namibia

Location: Angola (Kwanza Norte)
Operator: Empresa de Producao de Electricidade (PRODEL)
Configuration: 4 X 175 MW Francis
Operation: 2016-2017
T/G supplier: Voith, Alstom
EPC: COBA/Odebrecht
Quick facts: In Apr 2013, Voith Hydro won a $130mn for the electromechanical equipment and control and associated systems for Cambambe-2 HPP on the Kwanza River. In Jul 2013, the World Bank committed $512mn to Angola to finance the project through its Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). Finaninc was in the form of a 13yr credit facility. The project also received financing from Russia, HSBC Bank, Societe Generale and BHF-Bank Aktiengesllschaft. Testing of the first T/G set began in Jun 2016.

Photograph courtesy of www.portalangop.co.ao
Posted 28 May 2016

Location: Angola (Kwanza Norte)
Operator: Gabinete de Aproveitamento do Medio Kwanza
Configuration: 4 X 130 MW Francis
Operation: 2004-2007
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
EPC: Odebrecht, Furnas, COBA, Technopromexport
Quick facts: Capanda was Angola’s largest civil engineering project of the time. The site is on the Rio Kwanza at the border of Kwanza-Norte and Malanje provinces. Development started in 1982 and, with $750mn from oil sales, and Odebrecht, Furnas, and TPE started on the project in Jan 1985 with operation then scheduled in 1991. This soon slipped to Dec 1993 and the plant site was occupied by UNITA from Nov 1992 until Dec 1994. Then the 110m dam was damaged and rehabilitation did not start until 1998, a process interrupted by another attack in 1999. Construction re-started in Jan 2000. At one point, there were 3,000 workers mobilized at the site. A 2,000m aircraft runway was built along with power, potable water, and sewage facilities. Reservoir filling began in late Aug 2002 and the first two units were finally commissioned in June 2004 followed by Units 3&4 in June 2007. The plant is connected to the Cambambe Substation via a 120km, 220kV transmission line which cost $218mn. The cost of war damage to the project is estimated to be at least $400mn and the total project cost is thought to be around $2.6bn.

Photograph by Eribeto (wikipedia)
Re-posted 30 Aug 2008

Lomaum Rebuild
Location: Angola (Benguela)
Operator: Empresa de Producao de Electricidade (PRODEL)
Configuration: 2 X 10 MW, 2 X 15 MW
Operation: 2016
T/G supplier: Guangdong Fangzheng Industrial Development Co Ltd
EPC: Guangxi Hydroelectric Construction Bureau
Quick facts: This HPP came online in 1954 with Voith turbines and BBC generators. It was damaged during Angola's civil war along with the associated tansmission system. The rebuild began around Jun 2010.

Photograph courtesy of Empresa de Producao de Electricidade
Posted 21 Jun 2017

Location: Angola (Lunda Norte)
Operator: Empresa Nacional de Diamantes de Angola
Configuration: 4 X 2.1 MW Francis
Operation: 1957
T/G supplier: Secheron
EPC: Sofomil SA
Quick facts: This plant is owned and operated by a local subsisdiary of Alrosa. The site is on the Rio Luachimo near Dundo in Lunda-Norte. The scheme has a 6.5m dam, a 660m concrete-lined canal, four 2.5m penstocks, and the powerhouse. This photo dates to Feb 1965.

Photograph courtesy of www.diamang.com
Re-posted 22 Feb 2014

Location: Angola (Huila)
Operator: Empresa de Producao de Electricidade (PRODEL)
Configuration: 3 X 14 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1954
T/G supplier: Sulzer Escher Wyss, BBC
Quick facts: The Matala HPP is on the Rio Cunene River in Huila Province around 225km downstream from the Gove Dam. While it is a key electricity source for southwest Angola, the three groups were never fully operational. In May 2010, a major plant refurbishment project got underway. Contractor SNC repaired the dam and replaced the T/G sets as part of the $266mn project. The 718m long Matala Dam raises the river about 8m.

Photograph courtesy of www.kunenerak.org
Posted 1 Nov 2013

Ngove Dam
Location: Angola (Huambo)
Operator: Empresa de Producao de Electricidade (PRODEL)
Configuration: 3 X 20.6 MW Francis
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Cobra, Odebrecht
Quick facts: In May 2007, Angola and Namibia agreed to jointly reconstruct the Ngove Dam on the Rio Cunene in Caala District, Huambo Province. Dam construction started in 1969 and was halted twice at various stages of completion and then the structure was damaged in 1990 during the civil war. As part of the plan, a new HPP was built with connections to Huambo City and Bie. In Sep 2007, Odebrecht was selected as the lead construction company for the work. The $150mn project completd in Aug 2012.

Photograph courtesy of Elecnor
Posted 11 Feb 2015


Location: Namibia
Operator: NamPower
Configuration: 3 X 87 MW, 1 X 92 MW Francis
Operation: 1978-2012
T/G supplier: Voest, WHC
Quick facts: This the most important power plant in Namibia. After about five years of complex political negotiations, construction started in May 1973 The power station is situated at the Ruacana Waterfalls on the Kunene River which is regulated by a series of dams in Angola, most importantly the Gove Dam in the Angolan highlands approximately 1,000km northeast of the plant site. The powerhouse operates with a 134m head. In Oct 2016, Andritz Hydro commissioned new turbine runners on the three older units increasing capacity by 5 MW/unit. The runners were made in Foshan, China. The NAD 140mn project took about 3yrs end-to-end.

Photograph courtesy of NamPower
Re-posted 16 Jun 2012


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Updated 21-Jun-2017