Hydroelectric Power Plants in China - Henan & Hubei

Location: Hubei
Operator: Hubei Qingjiang Hydropower Development Co
Configuration: 3 X 90 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1999-2000
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: Changjiang Water Resources Commission
Quick facts: In May 1997, work got underway on the Rmb 3bn Gaobazhou plant on the Qingjiang River on the outskirts of Yidu City.  The 57m concrete gravity dam was closed in Oct 1998 and the plant was completed in Jul 2000 after some 42mos of construction, claimed to be a new record in China for plants of this type and size.

Photograph courtesy of Qingjiang Online
Posted 27 Jul 2011

Location: Hubei
Operator: Hubei Qingjiang Hydropower Development Co
Configuration: 4 X 310 MW Francis
Operation: 1993-1994
T/G supplier: Canadian General Electric, GEC-Alsthom
EPC: Changjiang Water Resources Commission, China Gezhouba Group, China Railway 18th Bureau (Group) Co Ltd
Quick facts: In the 1950s, Chinese experts put forward a plan for three separate power stations on the Qingjiang River, one of the tributaries along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in Hubei province. Geheyan was the first station, completed one year ahead of schedule at a cost of Rmb 5bn. The gravity arch dam is 157m high.

Photograph courtesy of www.cdykd.com
Posted 6 Sep 2008

Location: Hubei
Operator: China Yangtze Power Co Ltd
Configuration: 16 X 125 MW, 1 X 146 MW, 3 X 170 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1987-1989
T/G supplier: Dongfang, Harbin
EPC: Changjiang Water Resources Commission, China Gezhouba Group
Quick facts: Gezhouba Dam is in the suburbs of Yichang City 38km downstream of the Three Gorges project. Construction started on 30 Dec 1970 and ended on 10 Dec 1988. The dam is 2,595m long and reaches 47m in height and total annual power production is 14-16 TWh. The associated locks and navigation facilities trans-ship 50mn tons of cargo per year. Gezhouba Dam also regulates the tailwater flow from Three Gorges.

Photograph courtesy of China Gezhouba Group Corp
Posted 5 Sep 2007

Location: Hubei
Operator: Hubei Provincial Government
Configuration: 2 X 85 MW, 2 X 170 MW Francis
Operation: 1974-2006
T/G supplier: Harbin, Tianjin
EPC: China Hubei Electric Power Construction Second Engineering Co
Quick facts: The Songshuhing development is located on the Guandu River, a tributary of the Duhe, the Han, and ultimately the Yangtze. The first water resource survey and basin development planning for the Duhe was done in 1954. In 1964, plans were updated when cascade of three projects was proposed: Songshuling, Pankou, and Huanglongtan. Construction of Huanglongtan, the first project and the lowest in the cascade, started in 1969 and completed in 1974. The extension was finished 30yrs later. The site is 4km upstream of Huanglongtan and 33km from Shiyan City.

Photograph courtesy of China Hubei Elec Power Const
Posted 25 Apr 2009

Location: Henan
Operator: State Power Central Co
Configuration: 5 X 50 MW, 2 X 75 MW Francis
Operation: 1973-1975
T/G supplier: Harbin, LMZ, UETM

Photograph courtesy of Shanghai Hydro-Electric Equipment Co
Posted 14 Feb 2003 

Location: Hubei
Operator: Hubei Qingjiang Hydropower Development Co
Configuration: 4 X 460 MW Francis
Operation: 2007-2009
T/G supplier: Voith Siemens
EPC: Changjiang Water Resources Commission, China Gezhouba, Hubei Qingjiang Shuibuya Project Construction Co, Jiangnan Water Resource & Hydropower Engineering Co, China Water Resource & Hydropower No 14 Bureau, Huadong Hydropower Engineering Consultancy Co, Zhongnan Co, China Water Resource & Hydropower Engineering Consultancy
Quick facts: In late 1999, State Development Planning Commission approved construction of Shuibuya in Badong County, 93km upstream from Geheyan. The 233m rockfill dam was the world’s tallest of its type at completion. The $300mn T/G contract was made in Jan 2004 and the plant cost about Rmb 12bn in total. Annual production is about 3.98 TWh.

Photograph courtesy of Hubei Qingjiang Hydropower Development Co
Posted 27 Jul 2011

Three Gorges
Location: Hubei
Operator: China Three Gorges Corp
Configuration: 26 X 710 MW Francis
Operation: 2003-2008
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, Voith, Tianjin Alstom, Harbin, Dongfang, General Electric, Alstom, Siemens
EPC: China Gezhouba Group, Yichang Qingyun Hydropower Joint Management Co
Quick facts: This is the world's largest power plant and is located at Sandouping, Yiling District, Yichang City. Dr Sun Yat-Sen is said to have suggested use of the site for flood control and water power in 1918. The concept was revived in May 1945, studied during the 1950s, and in Nov 1982, the project was endorsed by Deng Xiaoping. Construction started on 14 Dec 1994 and the first unit was connected to the gird on 10 Jul 2003. The main dam is 2.3km long and reaches a height of 101m. The base width is 115m. The total cost of the project has been estimated at 180bn yuan.

Photograph courtesy of General Electric
Posted 27 Jan 2004

Three Gorges UPP
Location: Hubei
Operator: China Three Gorges Corp
Configuration: 6 X 710 MW Francis
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier:  Dongfang, Harbin, Tianjin Alstom
EPC: China Gezhouba Group
Quick facts: In May 2011, the first of six 710-MW units at the Three Gorges UPP power station began testing. Two more units were completed in July.

Photograph courtesy of China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Network
Posted 20 Jul 2011 


Location: Henan
Operator: Yellow River Water & Hydroelectric Power
Configuration: 6 X 306 MW Francis
Operation: 1999-2001
T/G supplier: Voith, Harbin, Dongfang
EPC: Reconnaissance Planning Design and Research Institute, Impregilo, Zublin, Dumez, Hochtief
Quick facts: Site investigations started in 1935.

Photograph courtesy of Hochtief AG
Posted 6 Mar 2005 


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