Hydroelectric Plants in Colombia - other departments

Alto Anchicaya
Location: Valle de Cauca
Operator: Empresa de Energia del Pacifico SA (EPSA)
Configuration: 2 X 125 MW, 1 X 115 MW Francis
Operation: 1973
T/G supplier: Canadian General Electric
Quick facts: This dam 85km west of Cali is in Los Farallones de Cali national park. In Nov 2000, Union Fenosa took over operational control of EPSA.

Photograph courtesy of Union Fenosa
Posted 20 Aug 2008

Location: Tolima
Configuration: 2 X 40 MW Pelton
Operation: 2013
T/G supplier: Voith
EPC: Sedic SA
Quick facts: This run of river plant was licensed by CORTOLIMA in 1999. The project has a small diversion weir on the Rio Amoya, with diversion canal, a desander, pressure tunnels, and underground powerhouse. The project cost $319.5mn and connects to the Tuluní Substation.

Photograph courtesy of ISAGEN
Posted 24 Dec 2014

Location: Huila
Operator: EMGESA SA
Configuration: 3 X 180 MW Francis
Operation: 1987
T/G supplier: Riva, Ansaldo
EPC: Ansaldo, Ingendesa, Consorcio Impregilo-Estruco-Pinski-GIE
Quick facts: This is a 100m earthfill dam. The merger of the Betania operating company with EMGESA was approved in Aug 2007.

Photograph courtesy of EMGESA SA
Posted 17 May 2008

Location: Tolima
Operator: Empresa de Energia del Pacifico SA
Configuration: 2 X 30 MW Pelton
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Andritz, Indar
EPC: Sedica SA, Mincivil SA, Concreto
Quick facts: This HPP in Roncesvalles began commissioning in Jul 2015. It cost C$34bn.

Photograph courtesy of www.elpais.com.co
Posted 23 Aug 2015

El Quimbo
Location: Huila
Configuration: 2 X 200-MW Francis
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC:Schrader Camargo, Impregilo
Quick facts: In Apr 2010, Endesa Chile agreed the construction of the 400-MW El Quimbo HPP on the Rio Magdalena in the towns of El Agrado and Gigante, about 350km south of Bogota. In Nov 2010, Impreglio signed a €250mn contract project construction and the following month, a consortium of Alstom and Schrader Camargo signed a €115mn contract ffor supply and assembly of electromechanical equipment. The T/G sets were manufactured at Alstom’s Taubate factory in the Sao Paulo, Brazil. The main dam is a CFRD structure 150m tall and 635m long.The project is expected to cost a total of $837mn. As part of the licensing, Endesa agreed to restore 11,080 of dry tropical forest. El Quimbo was one of six hydro projects selected in Jun 2008 by MEMR to provide basleload capacity for the grid. El Quimbo went online on 1 Sep 2015 and production is expected to be 2,200 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of EMGESA
Posted 2 Sep 2015

Location: Cundinamarca
Operator: EMGESA SA
Configuration: 5 X 230 MW Pelton
Operation: 1992-1994
T/G supplier: Escher Wyss, Canadian General Electric
EPC: ICA, SPIE, Vianini Lavori, Ingetec, Skansa
Quick facts: At completion, this rockfill dam was the tallest in South America and 10th tallest in the world at 245m. Work started in 1981, but construction issues and a major landslide in 1983 delayed the project substantially and raised the price tag to over $2bn. The project includes a 14.8km, variable diameter headrace tunnel (8.9m to 7.8m) which operates under a maximum head of 1,100m, one of the highest in the world. The underground powerhouse was excavated 600m below the surface in sedimentary rock.

Photograph copyright by and courtesy of VA TECH
Posted 24 May 2003

La Insula
Location: Caldas
Operator: Central Hidroelectrica de Caldas SA ESP
Configuration: 3 X 6.3 MW Francis
Operation: 1949-1979
T/G supplier: BLH, GE, Neyrpic, Melco
EPC: Christiani & Nielsen
Quick facts: This is the first of CHEC's three cascade stations using waters from thr Río Chinchina and Rio Campoalegre, finally dlowing into th e Río Cauca. At the beginning of 2011, Andritz was contracted for a new runner for La Insula.

Photograph courtesy of Central Hidroelectrica de Caldas SA ESP
Posted 1 Sep 2012

Location: Caldas
Operator: Isagen SA
Configuration: 3 X 132 MW Francis
Operation: 2002
T/G supplier: Kvaerner, ABB
EPC: ABB, Groupo Mexicano de Desarrollo, HMV, Kvaerner, Odebrecht
Quick facts: At 188m, this was the tallest RCC dam in the world at completion. The plant cost $430mn.

Photograph courtesy of HMV Engineers Ltda
Posted 27 Mar 2004

San Francisco
Location: Caldas
Operator: Central Hidroelectrica de Caldas SA ESP
Configuration: 3 X 45 MW Francis
Operation: 1969
T/G supplier: Charmilles, Melco
EPC: Christiani & Nielsen
Quick facts: This is the final CHEC's cascade PLANT on the Rio San Francisco. It is connected at 115kV to the Esmeralda Substation.

Photograph courtesy of Central Hidroelectrica de Caldas SA ESP
Posted 1 Sep 2012


Location: Santander
Configuration: 3 X 273 MW Francis
Operation: 2014
T/G supplier: Andtiz, Toshiba
EPC: Impregilo, Conalvias, Tecnica Vial, Ingetec
Quick facts: In Dec 2009, Isagen awarded an Impreglio-led consortium a $501mn EPC contract for the Sogamoso project in the La Paz Mountains. The project includes a 190m tall, 300m long dam with an underground power house. In Feb 2010, Isagen signed an $83.9mn contract with Andritz for the turbines, the largest in the country, plus a $76.7mn contract with a consortium of Mitsui & Co and Toshiba for the generators. Corporacion Andina de Fomento (CAF) approved a $140mn loan to assist with financing and Isagen also secured a credit worth up to P1.54tn with a group of 10 local banks led by Bancolombia. Sogamoso went into commercial operation on 20 Dec 2014. The project’s total cost is estimated at $1.74bn.

Photograph courtesy of ISAGEN
Re-posted 23 Dec 2014


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