Hydroelectric Plants in India - Northeast

Location: Sikkim
Operator: Greenko Group plc
Configuration: 2 X 48 MW Francis
Operation: 2017
T/G supplier: Alstom Power India
EPC: Energy Infratech Pvt Ltd, Haridwar Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Quick facts: In Oct 2009, Greenko acquired a license for this HPP built about 3km upstream from Teesta Stage-V in Lingdok and Rokdong, East and North Sikkim districts. The DPR was approved in Jul 2008. The project has a 35m high, 116m long concrete gravity dam at the confluence of Bakcha Chu and the Dikchu River. From there, a 4m diameter, 4.6km HRT goes to the underground powerhouse. There is a 1km tailrace tunnel discharging to a 100m open channel. The project completed in the spring of 2017, about 4yrs past the original schedule.

Photograph courtesy of Greenko Group plc
Posted 3 Jun 2017

Location: Nagaland
Operator: North Eastern Electric Power Corp Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 25 MW Francis
Operation: 2000
T/G supplier: BHEL
EPC: Gammon India
Quick facts: This plant is in Wokha Dist on the Doyang River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra. There are three 132kV grid connections, Doyang-Dimapur, Doyang-Mokukchang, and Doyang-Kohima.

Photograph courtesy of North Eastern Electric Power Corp Ltd
Posted 20 Jan 2007

Karbi Langpi
Location: Assam
Operator: Assam State Electricity Board
Configuration: 2 X 50 MW Francis
Operation: 2007
T/G supplier: Fuji
EPC: Gammon, Hydel Construction, Texmoco Ltd, Saraswati Engineering, Frontier Engineering, Unioson Infrastructure, Sumitomo
Quick facts: During 1976/77, Assam SEB completed a detailed survey of the hydropower potential of the Borpani (Langpi) River basin. The ROR Karbi Langpi HPP in Karbi Anglong district is the last stage development of the basin and utilizes an average head of 235m. The project was sanctioned by the Planning Commission in 1979 and infrastructure construction started soon thereafter with commissioning scheduled by 1986, but there were numerous interruptions. The contractors were replaced in 1987, again in 1993, and a third time in 2000 when the state government took back the project and revested it to ASEB. Work resumed in Apr 2000, but was severely handicapped by lack of funds. This situation was not resolved until the Assam government made two loans plus a counter-guarantee enabling a loan from PFC. In Mar 2005, ASEB prepared detailed action plans and restarted work. The first unit was commissioned on 30 Jan 2007 and the second on 20 Mar 2007. Power is evacuated to Guwahati through a 108k, double-circuit 220kV line. The concrete gravity dam is 52m high and 197m long.

Photograph courtesy of Gammon India Ltd
Posted 15 Nov 2008

Location: Assam
Operator: North Eastern Electric Power Corp Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 50 MW Francis
Operation: 1988-1997
T/G supplier: BHEL
EPC: Gammon
Quick facts: This plant on the River Kopili in the North Cachar Hills was the first NEEPCO project when it came into existence in 1976. The scheme has dam and dike systems creating two reservoirs, one on the Kopili River and the other on its tributary the Umrong. Water from the Kopili reservoir passes through a 2,759m tunnel to the Khandong power station (2 X 25 MW) and tail water is led to the Umrong reservoir. The water from Umrong reservoir is taken through a 5,473m tunnel to Kopili.

Photograph courtesy of North Eastern Electric Power Corp Ltd
Posted 20 Jan 2007

Location: Manipur
Operator: NHPC Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 35-MW Francis
Operation: 1983
T/G supplier: BHEL, LMZ, Electrosila
EPC: Central Electricity Authority, National Projects Construction Corp Ltd
Quick facts: This multipurpose storage scheme in Churachandpur district uses the hydro power potential of Loktak Lake fed by the Khuga and Imphal rivers. Shown is the 10.7m tall, 58.8m long Ithai Barrage. The scheme also has a 6.62km HRT and a surface powerhouse. LMZ supplied new turbines in 2007/08. Design production is 448 GWh in a 90% dependable year. Power evacuation is via two, double-circuit 132kV lines to Jiribam and Imphal. The Loktak project also provides lift irrigation for over 2,3000ha.

Photograph courtesy of Center for Research and Advocacy Manipur (CRAM)
Posted 3 Jul 2017

Myntdu Leshka
Location: Meghalaya
Operator: Meghalaya Energy Corp Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 42 MW Francis
Operation: 2012
T/G supplier: VA TECH
EPC: Central Electricity Authority, Sew Infrastructure Ltd
Quick facts: This is a run-of-river plant is on the Myntdu River in Jaintia Hills District. The schem dates 1975/76 when stuides were initiated by MeSEB. It took 23yrs years for the Board to prepare a DPR for the Central Electricity Authority in Oct 1998. MeECL accorded administrative approval in 2002 at Rs 363.08crand the foundation stone was laid by then President APJ Abdul Kalam.In 2007, the project cost was increased to Rs 671.20cr. In 2008, a third unit was added to the design at a cost of Rs 114.59 crore. Then major floods in Oct 2009 and May 2010 delayed the project, which was then estimated to cost Rs 1,173.13 cr. The first unit was commissioned on 1 Mar 2012.

Photograph courtesy of Meghalaya Energy Corp Ltd
Posted 11 Aug 2012

Location: Arunachal Pradesh
Operator: North Eastern Electric Power Corp Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 135 MW Francis
Operation: 1965
T/G supplier: BHEL
Quick facts: Ranganadi is a two-stage development in Lower Subansiri Dist, 90km from North Lakhimpur. The first stage of the project is a run-of-the-river scheme with a 60m concrete gravity diversion dam, a 10km, 6.8m diameter tunnel, and a powerhouse on the left bank of the River Dikrong. The proposed second stage involves construction of a 134m concrete-rockfill composite dam and a 180-MW powerhouse. The plant is connected at 400kV Ranganadi-Balipara and at 132kV Ranganadi-Nirjuli.

Photograph courtesy of North Eastern Electric Power Corp Ltd
Posted 20 Jan 2007

Location: Sikkim
Operator: NHPC Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 20 MW Francis
Operation: 2000
T/G supplier: BHEL
Quick facts: Rangit in South Sikkim district has a 45m high, 100m long concrete gravity dam on the River Rangit, a 4.5m dia, 3km long HRT, and a surface power house. The plant was commissioned in Feb 2000 and puts out about 340 GWh/yr. It is grid connected by four 132kV lines and a single 66kV line. Rangit cost IND 4,923mn

Photograph courtesy of National Hydroelectric Power Corp
Posted 10 July 2004

Subansiri Lower
Location: Arunachal Pradesh
Operator: NHPC Ltd
Configuration: 8 X 250 MW Francis
Operation: 2017
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Larsen & Toubro, Boguchangesstroy, Soyuzgidrospetsstroy, Soma Enterprises, Texmaco
Quick facts: In Aug 2003, Subansiri Lower was cleared by the Indian Cabinet, the last administrative approval needed for construction of the Rs8,950cr project. The site is on the Subansiri River in North Lakhimpur, Dhemaji district, on the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. This is India’s largest active hydroelectric project. The main EPC contract was awarded in Jan 2004 and, in Apr 2005, Alstom was contracted for the T/G sets. Subansiri Lower features a 116m dam, eight headrace tunnels from 600-1,170m in length, surge tunnels and pressure shafts, and a surface powerhouse. The plant is expected online by the end of 2017, about 7yrs past the schedule when the turbines were ordered.

Photograph courtesy of NHPC Ltd
Posted 26 Jun 2010


Teesta Stage V
Location: Sikkim
Operator: NHPC Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 170 MW Francis
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: Toshiba
EPC: Mitsui, Hindustan Construction
Quick facts: This is is one of six cascade hydropower schemes on River Teesta in East Sikkim District. Annual production is about 2.5 TWh. The installation has a 96.5m high concrete gravity dam, a 9.5m dia, 17km horse-shoe shaped headrace tunnel , three D-shaped 6m dia, 175m long tailrace tunnels and an underground powerhouse. The plant cost about Rs2,198cr.

Photograph courtesy of NHPC Ltd
Posted 31 Mar 2010


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