Hydroelectric Plants in Indonesia - other regions

Location: North Sumatra
Operator: PT Bajra Daya Sentranusa
Configuration: 2 X 90 MW Francis
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: China Huadian Engineering Corp, PT Prima Layanan Nasional Enjiniring
Quick facts: In Mar 1996, PT Bajragraha Sentranusa was established to develop a run-of-river hydropower plant on the Asahan River and Asahan-I was approved by the government in early 1997 as the first hydroelectric project to be privately financed in the country. The site is upstream of the Siguragura dam. The original 30yr PPA specified a rate of 7.5 cents/kWh for the first 15yrs and 3.5 cents/kWh for the final 15 years. In mid-2004, CHEC was named EPC contractor, but the contract had to be reissued in Jul 2006 as financial close took longer to achieve than expected. China Exim Bank and China Export and Credit Insurance Corp took key roles in the project financing. Construction started in Dec 2006 and the project was handed over in Jun 2010. Commercial operation was in January 2011. The project included a switchyard and double-circuit 275kV line to connect to the PLN system. A notable project feature is the 18m diameter, 67m high steel surge tank, one of the largest of its kind. Asahan-I cost an estimated $247mn.

Photograph courtesy of China Huadian Engineering Corp
Posted 26 Aug 2012

Location: West Sulawesi
Operator: PT PLN
Configuration: 2 X 350 kW Francis
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: Zhejiang Jinlun
Quick facts: This is one of four miniydro plants recently deployed in Kab Mamuju.

Photograph by Sektor Bakaru (Panoramio)
Posted 16 Sep 2012

Location: South Sulawesi
Operator: PT Inco
Configuration: 2 X 70 MW Francis
Operation: 1999-2000
T/G supplier: CGE
EPC: SNC, Astaldi, Fluor, Thiess Contractors
Quick facts: Balambao is 7km downstream of the Larona power station and both plants are used to supply for the Inco nickel smelter at Saroako. The 92m RCC dam has a crest length of 350m and two 5m diameter penstocks connect to the dam-toe surface powerhouse. The remote site on the Larona River is 30km from the nearest population center. Work on contract procurement began in Apr 1995. Unit-1 was placed into service on 31 Oct and Unit-2 followed on 28 Nov 1999.

Photograph courtesy of SNC-Lavalin
Re-posted 17 Oct 2012

Location: Riau
Operator: PT PLN
Configuration: 3 X 38 MW Kaplan
Operation: 1998
T/G supplier: Boving, Elin
EPC: Hazama
Quick facts: Output from the plant supplies about 20% of the electric power in the provinces of West Sumatra and Riau which between them have a population of over 9mn. JBIC supported construction of the plant and associated transmission line project.

Photograph copyright by and courtesy of VA TECH
Posted 22 Sep 2005

Location: South Sulawesi
Operator: PT Inco
Configuration: 3 X 65 MW Francis
Operation: 1977
T/G supplier: Sulzer, Hitachi, GE, VA TECH
EPC: Knight Piesold, PT Vale Inco
Quick facts: This was the original power source for the PT Inco smelter at Saroako. The design features a 7km intake canal, two radial intake control gates, a head pond, and three 1.3km penstocks equipped with bypass valves to protect the penstocks during load rejections. From 2003-2006, the PT Inco staff and its contractors development and implemented a comprehensive plant controls upgrade on Larona-3. The actual installation took 12 days. In 2007, VA TECH was contracted to supply generator upgrades and other services for Larona.

Photograph courtesy of Andritz
Re-posted 14 Jan 2010

Location: Southeast Sulawesi
Operator: PLTM Mikuasi
Configuration: 1 X 500 kW Francis
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: Zhejiang Jinlun, Chaozhou Huineng Electric

Photograph courtesy of stevenedyson.blogspot.com
Posted 2 Sep 2012

Location: South Sumatra
Operator: PT PLN
Configuration: 3 X 70 MW
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: VA TECH
EPC: PT Indra Karya, Shimizu Corp, Nippon Koei Co
Quick facts: At completion, this was the country’s largest hydro plant outside Java. The project was built with ADB funding. It was placed in postponed status in Sep 1997 and development resumed in May 2000. The scheme includes a 213km, 150kV transmission line from the plant to Curup substation and on to Bukit Asam substation. Annual output is about 470 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of Nielsen-Wurster Group
Posted 23 Oct 2005

Location: North Sumatra
Operator: PT PLN
Configuration: 2 X 41 MW Francis
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: Boving, Elin
EPC: Indra, Nippon Koei
Quick facts: This HPP diverts flow from the Renun River to Lake Toba. The powerhouse is in Silahi Sabungan, Kab Dairi. The original scheduled completion date was 2000, but work was halted for a time for various analyses and design rework.

Photograph by Elvin Boers (Panoramio)
Posted 28 May 2014

Location: North Sumatra
Operator: PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium
Configuration: 4 X 50.75 MW Francis
Operation: 1983
T/G supplier: Toshiba, Melco
EPC: Hydroproject Institute, Kajima
Quick facts: The Siguragura HPP intake dam is a concrete 47m high gravity structure in Simorea. Siguragura power station is located 200m underground and was the first underground HPP in Indonesia. Electricity from the two PT Inalum power stations is transmitted via a 120km, 275kV transmission lines to the company's substation at Kuala Tanjung and then to three reduction buildings and other facilities. This project is also known as Asahan-2.

Photograph courtesy of PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium
Posted 26 Aug 2012

Location: North Sumatra
Operator: PT PLN
Configuration: 1 X 38 MW, 1 X 17 MW Francis
Operation: 2002-2005
T/G supplier: Toshiba
EPC: Tokyo Electric Power Services
Quick facts: In Dec 2005, this hydropower plant was commissioned in Kab Tapanuli Tengah. It was funded in large part by a ¥12.2bn JICA concessional loan. Production is about 200 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of pltasipansihaporas.blogspot.com
Posted 17 Oct 2012

Location: North Sumatra
Operator: PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium
Configuration: 4 X 55.75 MW Francis
Operation: 1982
T/G supplier: MHI, Hitachi,Siemens, Melco
EPC: Nippon Koei Co Ltd, Hazama
Quick facts: The 82m tall, 124.5m long Tangaa gravity arch dam is donwstream from Siguragua and was the first dam of its kind in Indonesia.

Photograph courtesy of PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium
Posted 26 Aug 2012

Location: South Sumatra
Operator: PT PLN
Configuration: 2 X 660 kW, 4 X 4.4 MW Francis
Operation: 1958-1991
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
Quick facts: The first SHP at this location at Lake Tes was built from 1912-1923 by the Dutch East Indies government. The original equipment was damaged during World War II and replaced in 1958. A second phase completed in 1991. The plant is in Desa Turan Tiging, Kec Lebong Selatan, Kab Lebong.

Photograph courtesy of mragustian.blogspot.com
Posted 28 May 2014

Location: North Sumatra
Operator: PT Wampu Electric Power
Configuration: 3 X 15.6- MW Francis
Operation: 2002-2005
T/G supplier: Fuchunjiang Hydropower Equipment Co, Chongqing Water Turbine Works Co
EPC: Posco
Quick facts: Also in Apr 2011, PLN said it was contracting with a Daewoo-led consortium for the IDR 2.5tn, Wampu HPP at Lake Toba in Kab Karo. In the end, however, The project was taken forward by PT Mega Power Mandiri and Posco The plan opened 3 Nov 2016, about 3yrs past the original schedule due to the continuous volcanic eruption of Mount Sinabung and difficulties completing the transmission tie-line. Korea Midland Power is the lead owner and invested about $20mn in the project while the Export-Import Bank of Korea provided $1.31mn in financing,

Photograph courtesy of www.cnews.co.kr
Posted 12 Nov 2016



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