Hydroelectric Power Plants in Turkey - Ege Bölgesi

Location: Aydin
Operator: Enda Enerji Holding AŞ
Configuration: 3 X 9.5-MW Francis
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Fujian Nandian Co Ltd
EPC: Yolsu Muhendislik Hizmetleri, Eltes Enerji Mühendislik

Photograph courtesy of Enda Enerji Holding AŞ
Posted 23 Nov 2012

Location: Denizili
Operator: Limak Enerji
Configuration: 2 X 1.1 MW
Operation: 2001
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Limak
Quick facts: Çal uses water from local irrigation facilities and the Erenler regulator on the Büyük Menderes River. The plant was built on a BOT basis and started-up in Jan 2001.

Photograph courtesy of Limak Enerji
Posted 20 Sep 2008

Çine Adnan Menderes Dam
Location: Aydin
Operator: Devlet Su Isleri
Configuration: 2 X 19.75 MW Francis
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: Temsan
EPC: Su Yapi, Ozkar
Quick facts: This multipurpose project is along a narrow section of the Cine River valley. The 136m RCC dam is the highest in Europe and the Near East. The project is named after Adnan Menderes, Turkish Prime Minister from 1950-1960.

Photograph courtesy of Su Yapi
Posted 20 Mar 2011

Location: Denizili
Operator: Devlet Su Isleri
Configuration: 3 X 8.5 MW, 1 X 4.5 MW Francis
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Temelsu, Ozaltin
Quick facts: This roller-compacted hardfill dam on the Büyük Menderes is 107m tall. Crest length is 300m.

Photograph courtesy of Ozaltin
Re-posted 20 Mar 2011

Location: Mugla
Operator: Fethiye Enerji (FETAS)
Configuration: 3 X 5.5 MW Francis
Operation: 1999
T/G supplier: Voest
EPC: Age Insaat ve Ticaret
Quick facts: In Jun 1997, Bouvier Hydro signed the contract for the supply of the electromechanical works for the Fethiye project.

Photograph courtesy of Türkiye Müteahhitler Birligi
Posted 9 Dec 2006

Location: Aydin
Operator: Akfen Enerji Yatirimlari Holding AS
Configuration: 3 X 1.96-MW
Operation: 2009
T/G supplier: Z-Orient
EPC: Yolsu Muhendislik Hizmetleri, Bugato Insaat

Photograph courtesy of Bugato Insaat
Posted 30 Jun 2013


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 30-Jun-2013