Diesel and Gas-Engine Power Plants in the Philippines
Location: Cebu
Operator: Bantayan Island Power Corp (BIPCOR)
Configuration: 2 X 3-MW engines
Fuel: oil
Operation: 2006
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
EPC: PMM Works Inc
Quick facts: On 30 May 2008, BIPCOR became the first private-sector company to receive subsidies from the Universal Charge for Missionary Electrification (UC-ME) for gencos operating in the missionary areas served by the National Power Corp-Small Power Utilities Group (NPC-SPUG). BIPCO sells power to Bantayan Electric Cooperative (Banelco).

Photograph courtesy of PM Works Inc
Posted 19 Apr 2011

Bauang La Union
Location: Batangas
Operator: First Gen Corp
Configuration: 21 X 11.5-MW 16ZA40S engines
Fuel: heavy oil
Operation: 1994-1995
E/G supplier: New Sulzer Diesel, GEC-Alsthom
EPC: Meralco Engineering Services Corp
Quick facts: Bauang, one of the largest bunker-fueled diesel power plants in the world, is located 255km north of Manila in Payocpoc Sur, Bauang, La Union. The medium-speed plant was developed by FPPC, a company established jointly by Meralco, FPHC, PCI Capital and JG Summit Holdings in Oct 1992. FPPC successfully bid for the Bauang plant on a BOT basis. Subsequently, First Gen acquired a 40% interest in FPPC, which in turn owns 93.25% of the Baung La Union plant. First Gen effectively owns 37.3% of Bauang, with the balance owned by Meralco, JG Summit and the Philippine American Life Insurance Co. Bauang sold all of its electricity to NPC under a 15yr BOT Agreement, which expired in Jul 2010. Fuel is supplied by NPC.

Photograph courtesy of First Gen Corp
Posted 10 Feb 2008

Location: Bulacan
Operator: Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp
Configuration: 5 X 10-MW 9L58/64 engines
Fuel: Bunker C oil
Operation: 1997
E/G supplier: MAN B&W, Siemens
Quick facts: Trans-Asia Power is a subsidiary of Philippine Investment Management Inc (PHINMA) and a half owner of the Bulacan power plant. The facility supplies the requirements of Holcim Philippines' cement plant in Norzagaray, Bulacan, and about half of the demand of Holcim's facility in Bacnotan, La Union.

Photograph courtesy of Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp
Posted 23 Feb 2008

Location: Laguna
Operator: Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp
Configuration: 2 X 3.84-MW 8CM32 engines, 2 X 7-MW 16CM32 engines
Fuel: heavy oil
Operation: 2000-2003
E/G supplier: MAK
EPC: Electrowatt-Ekono
Quick facts: This plant is in the Camelray Industrial Park and powers over 50 companies and factories.

Photograph courtesy of Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp
Posted 14 Oct 2009

Cebu Ermita
Location: Cebu
Operator: Cebu Private Power Corp
Configuration: 10 X 7.3 MAK 16CM32 engines
Fuel: heavy oil
Operation: 1998
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
EPC: Caterpillar
Quick facts: This site is in Colon municipality, Naga City, Cebu. The plant went commercial in Sep 1998 and at the time could supply about 30% of Cebu's electricity requirements.

Photograph courtesy of Caterpillar
Posted 4 Mar 2001

Location: Aurora
Operator: Eco Market Solutions
Configuration: 250-kW engine
Fuel: syngas fro wood gasification
Operation: 2012
E/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: This project was opened in Mar 2012 with the gasifier using wood, coconut fronds, and coconut shells. Going forward, other biomass materials are planned for use including biomass briquettes made from rice straw, rice and coconut husks, corn cobs and dried grasses.Throughput is 8 tpd of biomass at full capacity.

Photograph courtesy of Eco Market Solutions
Posted 23 Jun 2013

Location: Guimaras
Operator: Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp
Configuration: 2 X 1.7-MW 9H21/31 engines
Fuel: Bunker C oil
Operation: 2005
E/G supplier: Hyundai
Quick facts: This is the main peaking power plant for the small island province of Guimaras in the Western Visayas and supplements power imported from Iloilo City by an aging subsea cable. The P115mn project IC plant provides about 20% of local power consumption. Construction started in Jun 2004, the plant went online in Mar 2005, and it was opened by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on 15 Apr 2005. The plant was built per a Nov 2003 electricity supply agreement between Guimaras Electric Coop and Trans-Asia Oil and Energy. It is directly connected to the local 13.2kV grid.

Photograph courtesy of Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corp
Posted 23 Feb 2008

Iloilo FMI/Iloilo PPC
Location: Iloilo
Operator: Panay Power Corp
Configuration: 6 X 12 MW 16ZA40S engines, 2 X 10 MW engines
Fuel: diesel oil
Operation: 1999-2004
E/G supplier: New Sulzer Diesel
EPC: New Sulzer Diesel, Engineering and Construction Corp of Asia
Quick facts:There are two PPC power plants located at Brgy Ingore La Paz, Iloilo City. Panay Power Corporation is a subsidiary of Global Business Power Corporation

Photograph courtesy of GT Capital Holindgs Inc
Posted 25 Nov 2012

Power Barges 101& 102
Location: Iloilo
Operator: National Power Corp
Configuration: each 4 X 8-MW 16ZV40 engines
Fuel: heavy oil
Operation: 1981
E/G supplier: Sulzer, Hitachi

Photograph by Bermejo Imaging
Posted 25 Nov 2012

Power Barge 117
Location: Guimaras
Operator: Therma Marine Inc
Configuration: 2 X 50-MW 12K90MC-S engines, 1 X 3.5 MW steam set
Fuel: residual oil
Operation: 1994
E/G supplier: MAN B&W, Manises Diesel Engine, ABB, Shinko
EPC: Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor, Mitsui
Quick facts: This was among the world's largest power barges at completion. The vessel is 95m long, 45m wide, and 50m tall. Gross displacement is about 22,000t. In Aug 2008, Aboitiz Power paid Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp $16mn for PB 117 and another $14mn for sister vessel PB 118. PB 117 is moored in Barangay San Roque, Maco, Davao del Norte, and is now operated by AP’s wholly owned subsidiary Therma Marine Inc. In Oct 2010, TMI signed a power supply contract with Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative and also supplies ancillary services to National Grid Corp.

Photograph courtesy of www.businessweekmindanao.com
Posted 27 Feb 2011

Rodriguez Landfill
Location: Rizal
Operator: Montalban Methane Power Corp
Configuration: 9 X 850-kW G3516 engines
Fuel: landfill gas
Operation: 2009
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
EPC: Monark Equipment, First Balfour Inc
Quick facts: MMPC secured an agreement with Rizal local government to put up the country's first large LFG plant at the 14ha Rodriguez landfill. The company is a JV of Tranzen Group Inc owned by Salvador Zamora II (60%) and Carbon Capital Markets (40%). On 24 Jul 2008, President Arroyo inaugurated the power project.

Photograph courtesy of Montalban Methane Power Corp
Posted 28 Dec 2011

Location: Romblon
Operator: Small Power Utilities Corp
Configuration: 12 engines, 7.2 MW
Fuel: diesel oil
Operation: 1983-2008
E/G supplier: Perkins, FG Wilson, Man B&W, Dale, MHI, Cat
Quick facts: Tablas is the largest Island in the province of Romblon and is situated in the center of the Philippines. In Nov 2006, the MAN B&W engines at Tablas began a trial run on a 5% blend of coco methyl ester (CME) produced by St Vincent Ferrer Parish Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

Photograph courtesy of Small Power Utilities Corp
Posted 14 Jul 2012


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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