Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Plants - Asia-Pacific
Location: India
Operator: Maharashtra State Power Generation Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 125 MW FPT
Operation: 2008
T/G supplier: Fuji, BHEL
EPC: Tata Consulting Engineers, Patel
Quick facts: In early 1998, a joint venture of Nissho Iwai Corp and Fuji Electric received an order in cooperation with BHEL to supply turbines and other equipment for the Ghatgar pumped-storage plant. The project received financial support from JBIC and went online in 2008, about 4yrs past the original schedule. The plant had been planned for over a decade by the time the equipment order was placed.

Photograph by Vainateya Gavai (Picasa)
Posted 17 Feb 2010

Location: Philippines
Operator: CBK Power Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 168 MW, 2 X 174 MW FPT
Operation: 1983-2004
T/G supplier: Riva, Ansaldo, Impsa
EPC: ELC Electroconsult SpA, Ansaldo, Sta Clara International Corp, John Holland Group
Quick facts: In Mar 2005, J-Power acquired 50% of the CBK hydro plants from IMPSA and Edison Mission Energy The other 50% is held by Sumitomo Corp. The Kalayaan site is 60km south of Manila. The first stage was commissioned on 28 Feb 1983 and EPDC did the feasibility study in Jan 1990 for Phase-II. A fifth set is now in design. There are two upper storage reservoirs and the lower reservoir is Laguna de Bay. Maximum static head is 289m. The reservoirs are connected by a 2.3km steel penstock.

Photograph courtesy of J-Power
Posted 15 Sep 2010

Location: Taiwan
Operator: Taiwan Power Co
Configuration: 6 X 267 MW FPT
Operation: 1993-1995
T/G supplier: Voith, A-J
EPC: Sinotech
Quick facts: This was Taiwan's second PSP and the largest such plant in Asia at completion. The site is geologically complex and this made for difficult construction. Sun-Moon Lake, a notable recreation destination, serves as the upper reservoir of the scheme. From there, two waterways lead to an underground power house. For the lower reservoir, a 61.5m concrete gravity dam was built on the Shuili River. The 3.1km headrace conduits include steel-lined crossings of Tousheh River Valley. VA TECH won the contract for design, fabrication and installation of 26,000t of penstocks.

Photograph courtesy of Taiwan Power Co
Posted 23 May 2001

Location: South Korea
Operator: Korea South-East Power Co
Configuration: 2 X 300 MW FPT
Operation: 1995-1996
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, A-J
Quick facts: Construction at Muju started in May 1998 with a budget of 30,000bn won. The head is 860m.

Photograph courtesy of Korea South-East Power Co
Posted 1 Aug 2004

Location: South Korea
Operator: Korea East-West Power Co
Configuration: 2 X 350 MW FPT
Operation: 2001
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, G-A
EPC: Kopec, Hanjung
Quick facts: These were the largest PSP sets in Korea at completion. Total head is 429.5m. Generation can be maintained for just under 8hrs once started. The plant cost KRW 624.4bn.

Photograph courtesy of Korea East-West Power Co
Posted 8 Jul 2009

Sardar Sarovar
Location: India
Operator: Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd
Configuration: 6 X 200 MW FPT
Operation: 2005-2006
T/G supplier: Hitachi, Siemens, Sumitomo, BHEL
EPC: Centarl Electricity Authority, Central Water Commission, Jaiprakash Associates Ltd
Quick facts: The concrete gravity dam in Gujarat is 1,210m long and 163m high at its maximum height. The underground powerhouse is on the right bank or the Narmada River.  The project catchment is 88,000kmē. The original development plan for the project dates to 1946, but the main dam tender was not awarded until Apr 1987. The project was declared complete in Dec 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd
Posted 9 Apr 2003

Location: Australia
Operator: Eraring Energy
Configuration: 2 X 80 MW Francis turbines with 2-stage undercoupled pumps
Operation: 1977
T/G supplier: Boving, GEC, Voith (pumps)
Quick facts: This power station is part of a complex in the Shoalhaven district, Kangaroo Valley (near Nowra), built as a joint project with the Sydney Catchment Authority. The Shoalhaven Scheme supplements water supplies to the Sydney area. The photo shows Kangaroo Valley Station with Bendeela pondage. Bendeela Station is in the valley below.

Photograph courtesy of Eraring Energy
Posted 7 Aug 2010


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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