Coal- and Lignite-Fired in Central Europe

Location: Hungary
Operator: AES-Tisza Eromu Kft
Configuration: 4 X 30 MW, 1 X 4 MW, 1 X 12.5 MW, 1 X 21 MW, 1 X 5 MW, 1 X 10 MW
Fuel: brown coal, wood
Operation: 1955-1968
Boiler supplier: Borsig, Ganz
T/G supplier: Ganz, Lang
Quick facts: The first phase of this CHP plant was built from 1951-1957.  Starting in 2002, one of the boilers was modified for firing wood and other biomass and eventually, two boilers were retrofit with CFB equipment for 100% biomass consumption. The remaining sets were taken out of service in 2003 with the expiration of power and heat supply contracts with Kazincbarcika city and nearby industrial concerns. A pair of 250-MW CFB units are planned for operation in 2011.

Photograph by Andrzej Grudzien and courtesy of
Posted 25 Oct 2006

Location: Hungary
Operator: Matra Kraftwerk
Configuration: 2  X 100 MW, 3 X 212 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1978-1980
Boiler supplier: Danubius
T/G supplier: Lang, LMZ, Ganz
Quick facts: In 2002, the 212-MW units were retrofit with wet limestone FGD systems from Babcock Borsig. Units 1, 2 4 & 5 have Heller-type dry cooling systems while Unit-3 uses conventional natural draft towers. The addition of 29-MW Hitachi topping gas turbines is planned for two of the larger sets.

Photograph courtesy of ostkohle
Posted 2 Sep 2005


Novaky (ENO)
Location: Slovakia
Operator: Slovenske Elektrarne
Configuration: 1 X 22 MW, 1 X 32 MW, 1 X 38 MW, 4 X 110 MW CHP
Fuel: lignite (ENO A), lignite, oil (ENO B)
Operation: 1953-1976
Boiler supplier: Brno, Tlmace
T/G supplier: Skoda
Quick facts: ENO-A construction began in 1949 and was completed in 1957 when the plant had ten boilers and eight T/G sets. ENO-B was built between 1963 and 1976. In 1996, a CFB and new back-pressure T/G was erected at the A plant on space previously occupied by retired sets. In 1998, two of the 110-MW units were retrofit with FGD scrubbers. The ENO heating system supplies 15,000 homes in Prievidza and steam to nearby industrial works.

Photograph courtesy of Slovenske Elektrarne
Posted 3 Sep 2005

Location: Hungary
Operator: Vertesi Eromu Rt
Configuration: 4  X 65 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1961-1963
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: Skoda, Ganz
Quick facts: Vertesi Eromu was formed in Jan 1992 and is owned by state power company MVM. Fuel for Vertesi's two plants is from mines in the Oroszlany and Tatabanya regions including Markushegy, Hungary's largest and most modern underground mine.  The mines became part of Vertesi Eromu in 1994. In 2004, Oroszlany was retrofit with a Lurgi FGD scrubber. 

Photograph courtesy of Vertesei Eromu Rt
Posted 27 May 2006


Location: Hungary
Operator: AES-Tisza Eromu Kft
Configuration: 3 X 55 MW, 1 X 15 MW, 1 X 13 MW, 1 X 7 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1954-1980
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Ganz, Lang, Skoda

Photograph courtesy of Tiszai Eromu Rt
Posted 19 Jan 2004



Vojany (EVO)
Location: Slovakia
Operator: Slovenske Elektrarne
Configuration: 12 X 110 MW
Fuel: hard coal (EVO I), natural gas, oil (EVO II)
Operation: 1966-1974
Boiler supplier: Brno, Lurgi
T/G supplier: Skoda
EPC: Energoprojekt Prague, Škoda Pilsen, Chemkostav Humenné
Quick facts: EVO I planning began in Nov 1959, the project was approved in Feb 1960, and construction began the following year. Design fuel was semi-anthracite coal imported from Ukraine by a purpose built wide-gauge rail line and the Zemplínska Šírava reservoir was built to supply cooling water. EVO II was approved at the end of 1966 but the then Soviet Union was unable to supply sufficient coal for the new plant so the design fuel was switched to heavy oil. From 1979-1985, EVO II was modified to fire natural gas as well. The main plant stack is 300m high.

Photograph courtesy of Slovenske Elektrarne
Posted 29 Apr 2001

Abbreviations: CFB = atmospheric circulating fluidized bed, CHP = combined heat and power, BBC = Brown Boveri, CE = Combustion Engineering, FW = Foster Wheeler, T/G = turbine generator

Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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