Coal-Fired Plants in Slovenia

Location: Slovenia
Operator: Termoelektrarna Sostanj po
Configuration: 2 X 30 MW, 1 X 75 MW, 1 X 275 MW, 1 X 345 MW CHP
Operation: 1956-1977
Fuel: lignite
Boiler supplier: Sulzer, Deutsche Babcock
T/G supplier: Escher Wyss, Oerlikon, Siemens
EPC: Siemens
Quick facts:
Sostanj is the largest thermal power plant in Slovenia and produces electricity and heat using fuel from the Velenje lignite coal mine. Extensive back-end pollution control equipment was added in 2000. Unit-5 is being repowered with two 43-MW gas turbines.

Photograph courtesy of Rudis dd
Posted 6 Aug 2005

Location: Slovenia
Operator: Termoelektrarna Toplarna doo
Configuration: 1 X 42 MW, 1 X 32 MW, 1 X 50 MW CHP
Operation: 1967-1983
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Westinghouse, Jugo, Koncar
Quick facts: Te-Tol is jointly owned by the Slovenian government (64.57%) and the City of Ljubljana (35.43%). Coal burn is about 500,000 tpy with average output of 390,000 MWh of electricity and 140,000 tpy of process steam, about 90% of the city's district heating requirement.  The plant has been extensively modernized with baghouses added on Units 1&2, boiler modifications on all three units to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, addition of a heat-storage tank, and a new 110kV switchyard.

Photograph courtesy of Termoelektrarna Toplarna doo
Posted 12 Jul 2006

Location: Slovenia
Operator: Termoelektrarna Trbovlje doo
Configuration: 1 X 125 MW
Operation: 1966
Fuel: lignite
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: Zamech, Dolmel
Quick facts: This modestly-sized coal-fired unit has the tallest power plant stack in Europe at 360m. The new chimney replaced the original 80m stack, which was unable to evacuate emissions from the narrow valley under certain temperature conditions. The second stack was poured in 210 days and tapers from a bottom diameter of 27.5m to 7.7m at the top. In total, 11,866m of concrete, 1,079t of reinforcing steel, and 950t of refractory were required for construction. The stack contractor was Karrena GmbH. The steam unit was modernized in 1999 and will be upgraded again by 2014 to increase efficiency and alls for biomass co-combustion. The site also hosts two 32-MW combustion turbines.

Photograph courtesy of Termoelektrarne Trbovlje doo
Re-posted 13 Nov 2010


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