Coal-Fired Power Plants in Florida
Big Bend
Location: FL
Operator: Tampa Electric Co
Configuration: 3 X 446 MW, 1 X 485 MW
Operation: 1970-1985
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: RS, CE
T/G supplier: GE, WH
EPC: Stone & Webster
Quick facts: All four units are scrubbed and in early 2005, TECO began construction on SCRs for all four boilers. These were brought online sequentially from 2007-2010.

Photograph by kitsu (flickr)
Posted 17 Sep 2005

Cedar Bay
Location: FL
Operator: Cogentrix
Configuration: 1 X 285 MW
Operation: 1994
Fuel: bituminous coal, wood
Boiler supplier: Foster Wheeler
T/G supplier: Toshiba
EPC: Black & Veatch, Foster Wheeler, Marubeni
Quick facts: Cedar Bay has three reheat CFB boilers with a full-flow reheater bypass system which allows steam from one boiler to bypass the T/G set and pass through the boiler’s reheater prior to entering the process steam header. This keeps the reheater from overheating and can provides 380,000 lbs/hr for an all-requirements steam supply contract with Smurfit Stone Container. About 1mn tpy of low-sulfur bituminous coal is delivered by rail from Lodestar Energy in Lexington KY. Cedar Bay plant is zero discharge and equipped with baghouses and SNCR. For these and other reasons was Power magazines 1995 Power Plant of the Year.

Photograph courtesy of Foster Wheeler
Posted 27 Nov 2005

Location: FL
Operator: Gulf Power Co
Configuration: 2 X 28 MW (ret), 1 X 38 MW (ret) 2 X 94 MW, 1 X 370 MW, 1 X 578 MW
Operation: 1945-1973
Fuel: bituminous coal, natural gas
Boiler supplier: RS, CE, FW
T/G supplier: AC, GE, WH

Photograph courtesy of National Energy Technology Laboratory
Posted 24 Oct 2004

Crystal River 4&5
Location: FL
Operator: Florida Power Corp
Configuration: 2 X 750 MW
Operation: 1982-1984
Fuel: subbituminous coal
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Black & Veatch
Quick facts: CR 4&5 were retrofit with B&W wet limestone FGD scrubbers and SCR systems. The new APC equipmnent was progressively commissioned from Jun 2009 to May 2010. The EPC contractor for the $1.4bn project was Environmental Partners Crystal River LLC (EPCR) including Burns & McDonnell, Zachry Construction, and Utility Engineering

Photograph courtesy of Progress Energy Corp
Re-posted 24 Sep 2011

Location: Florida
Operator: Gainesville Regional Utilities
Configuration: 1 X 75 MW, 1 X 250 MW
Operation: 1972-1981
Fuel: bituminous coal, natural gas, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: B&W, RS
T/G supplier: WH
EPC: Ebaugh & Goethe Inc, Burns & McDonnell, GRU
Quick facts: Deerhaven GS is GRU's largest power plant and was built on a 1,146ac site. Uni-1 is a gas and oil-fired steam-electric unit. Unit-2 was the first municipally-owned coal fired generating unit in the state. It was originally designed as a gas/oil plant, but was later switched to coal. The original cost estimate of $50-60mn increased dramatically thereafter and the unit came in at about $160mn.

Photograph courtesy of Gainesville Regional Utilities
Posted 29 Jun 2014

Location: FL
Operator: EIF Calypso
Configuration: 1 X 330 MW
Operation: 1995
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: FW
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Bechtel
Quick facts: This plant was developed and built by Cogentrix Energy Inc. It was part of an asset portfolio acquired by EIF in 2007.

Photograph by C Bergesen
Posted 16 Apr 2004

McIntosh 1-3
Location: FL
Operator: Lakeland Electric
Configuration: 1 X 104 MW, 1 X 126 MW, 1 X 364 MW
Operation: 1971-1982
Fuel: coal, natural gas, oil
Boiler/HRSG supplier: RS, B&W
T/G supplier: GE, WH
EPC: Bechtel, Davy, CT Main, Blount

Photograph by C Bergesen
Posted 4 Dec 2004

Location: FL
Operator: JEA
Configuration: 2 X 300 MW, 1 X 564 MW
Operation: 1966-1977 (repower 2002)
Fuel: bituminous coal, pet coke, oil, gas
Boiler supplier: FW, RS
T/G supplier: GE, WH
EPC: B&V, Zachry, Fluor
Quick facts: In Sep 1997, the U.S. DOE and JEA entered into an agreement to repower Unit-2 with CFB boiler technology and the utility subsequently repowered Unit-1 as well. At completion, these were the largest CFB boilers in the world. The $320mn project was Power’s plant of the year in 2002. Wheelabrator supplied a dry lime FGD and baghouses for the new units, which also have SCR.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 24 Sep 2005

Location: FL
Operator: Gulf Power Co
Configuration: 2 X 49 MW
Operation: 1953
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Southern Co Services
Quick facts: This power station is on the west bank of the Apalachicola River, in Sneads near Chattahoochee. The first unit was placed in service in Feb 1953. The plant was originaly named River Junction and later renamed after Herbert Scholz. Photo dates to the 1960s.

Photograph courtesy of State Archives of Florida
Posted 27 Mar 2013

Location: FL
Operator: Seminole Electric Coop
Configuration: 2 X 715 MW
Operation: 1987-1988
Fuel: bituminous coal, pet coke
Boiler supplier: FW
T/G supplier: BBC
EPC: Burns & Roe

Photograph courtesy of Seminole Electric Coop
Posted 12 Jun 2004

Location: FL
Operator: Orlando Utilities Commission
Configuration: 2 X 465 MW
Operation: 1987-1996
Fuel: bituminous coal, landfill gas
Boiler supplier: BW
T/G supplier: WH
EPC: Black & Veatch
Quick facts: This site was designed for four coal-fired units but the site was built out with CCGT blocks instead.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Re-posted 24 Jun 2008

St Johns River
Location: FL
Operator: JEA
Configuration: 2 X 679 MW
Operation: 1987-1988
Fuel: bituminous coal, pet coke
Boiler supplier: FW
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Ebasco
Quick facts: JEA is the largest public power company in Florida and jointly owns SJRPP with FPL Group. In Aug 2009, Black & Veatch completed the design and installation of SCR systems on both units at SJRPP.

Photograph courtesy of Jacksonville Electric Authority
Posted 23 Apr 2004


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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