Waste-to-Energy Plants in Japan
Location: Chiba
Operator: JFE Holdings
Configuration: 1 X 1.5 MW
Operation: 1999
Fuel: refuse-derived syngas
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
Quick Facts: The Thermoselect system produces syngas, useable mineral substances, and iron rich materials from mixed wastes. Kawasaki Steel Corp (now JFE Holdings) signed a license agreement with Thermoselect in Nov 1997 and began construction on the 300tpd Chiba facility in Jun 1998. NEDO provided financial assistance. The plant mainly supplies syngas to a combined-cycle plant at the adjacent East Japan steel works.

Photograph courtesy of Thermoselect
Posted 3 Apr 2005

Location: Mie
Operator: Mie Prefecture Public Enterprise
Configuration: 1 X 12.1 MW
Operation: 2002
Fuel: RDF
Boiler supplier: FW
T/G supplier: Fuji
EPC: Fuji
Quick Facts: CFB boiler. In Kuwana-shi, Mie prefecture.

Photograph courtesy of Mie Prefecture Public Enterprise
Posted 13 Aug 2014

Location: Osaka
Operator: Osaka City Environmental Protection Bureau
Configuration: 1 X 32 MW
Operation: 2001
Fuel: refuse
Boiler supplier: Von Roll
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Hitachi-Zosen
Quick Facts: After a visit to Vienna's Spittlelau WTE plant, the Mayor of Osaka decided that the city's new WTE plant should also have exterior treatments designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The plant handles about 900 tpd of MSW and is built on a man-made island.

Photograph courtesy of City of Vienna
Posted 8 Dec 2004

Location: Aomori
Operator: Mitsubishi Materials Corp
Configuration: 2 X 1.2 MW
Operation: 2003
Fuel: refuse-derived syngas
E/G supplier: Jenbacher

Photograph courtesy of Thermoselect
Posted 3 Apr 2005

Nobeoka City
Location: Fukuoka
Operator: Nobeoka City
Configuration: 1 X 2.15 MW CHP
Operation: 2009
Fuel: refuse
Incinerator/boiler supplier: ERK Eckrohrkessel
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Sanyo Engineering & Construction
Quick facts: Construction on this project began in 2006. It has two 109 tpd stoker lines. Steam is used at a nearby health facility.

Photograph courtesy of Nobeoka City
Posted 22 Jul 2012

Location: Hokkaido
Operator: Sanix Energy Inc
Configuration: 1 X 74 MW
Operation: 2003
Fuel: waste plastic
Incinerator/boiler supplier: NKK
T/G supplier: Mitsui, Toshiba
EPC: Toshiba
Quick facts: This is probabbly the largest plastic-waste fueled WTE plant in the world. The material is collected from about 15 Sanix processing facilities nationwide, crushed and processed several times, and burned in a CFB boiler.

Photograph courtesy of www.pwmi.or.jp
Posted 14 Oct 2015

Location: Fukuoka
Operator: Kitakyusyu City Environment Bureau
Configuration: 1 X 23.5 MW
Operation: 2007
Fuel: refuse, wastewater sludge
Incinerator/boiler supplier: Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co Ltd
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Sanyo Engineering & Construction
Quick facts: This 3-line project has Thias facility was was rebuilt with fluidized bed gasifying and direct melting furnac systems. Design throughput increased from 600 tpd to 720 tpd MSW.

Photograph courtesy of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co Ltd
Posted 11 May 2013

Location: Fukuoka
Operator: Fukuoka Clean Energy Corp
Configuration: 1 X 29.2 MW CHP
Operation: 2005
Fuel: refuse
Incinerator/boiler supplier: Kawasaki
T/G supplier: Kawasaki
Quick facts: Fukuoka Clean Energy was set up by Fukuoka City (51%) and Kyushu Electric Power (49%) in Oct 2000 and the Tobu plant commissioned in Aug 2005. Development Bank of Japan structured a funding arrangement between the owners and a banking syndicate. The three-line facility processes 900 tpd of municipal waste.

Photograph courtesy of Kyushu Electric Power Co
Posted 4 Apr 2009


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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